Völker develops and produces beds and healthcare furnishings for the institutional care sector, hospitals and the home care sector.

Völker focuses upon healthcare beds and hospital beds as pioneering medical products with innovative and often patented features: Electrically operated, with a thought-through and prize-winning healthcare design, comfortable for residents and patients, helping caregivers, profitable for operators.

Volker has become well-known for developing a new generation of healthcare beds and hospital beds for the benefit of occupants and patients, for the benefit of caregivers and service personnel and for the benefit of investors.

Market Leading Features & Innovation

Volker has remained true to its vision of providing the best of all functional beds. And following new features that were largely developed and influenced by Volker, we constantly come up with further innovations like the two-part assist rails that were improved once again or the MiS® Micro-stimulation System for pressure sore prevention, for example.

Go and see for yourself Volker’s vision of providing the best of all healthcare beds and the best of all hospital beds.

The Vis-a-Vis Nursing Bed

Volker Vis-a-Vis nursing bed

The Vis A Vis: New Volker nursing bed for healthcare and hospital: Lying. Sitting, Standing. Walking. For more on the new Volker Vis-a-Vis, please click here.

Economic benefits for Volker customers

Through more safety. Through more reliability. Through better service.

The demands placed on todays hospitals, healthcare facilities and nursing staff are always increasing, so the long term reliability and the safe operation of medical products are a must.

Assembly lines at the Volker plant were developed in conjunction with Porsche Consulting and production is subject to a continuous improvement process where component quality is continually inspected.

The users of Volker beds benefit from this:

  • Volker beds are made safer
  • they reduce the number of technical breakdowns, which in turn reduces the number of replacement beds required
  • they support service-friendliness
  • they make technical inspections and maintenance work easier and reduce repair costs.

Specifications exceed standard requirements and are designed with future standards in mind.  Volker beds are also a durable investment into the future, because they can be upgraded to accommodate additional functions and options.