All accessory products from Volker are subjected to rigorous quality requirements, which we also specify for each Volker healthcare bed, thus providing the safety of actually working with the best material.

Battery back-up

Fall protection mat

Trapeze bar with handle

handle with quick adjust

Bedding tray

Assist rail spacer

Assist rail spacer cover

Assist rail spacer holder

Restraint mount

Flexible tube

Crutch holder

Towel holder

IV holder

IV pole

Rail complying with ISO standard

Name plate

Storage dock for
hand control holder

Voltage compensator cable

Sliding tray

Writing surface

Side rail pads, 1 piece

Full-length protective pads for side rails with height extension

Side rail height extension

Assist rail pads, 2 pieces

All foam-padded protective covers of disinfectant- resistant leatherette are supplied as one complete set for one healthcare bed.

Bed extension piece

Nurse control in bedding tray

Nurse control for mounting
on side of bed-frame

Nurse control in drawer

General purpose hook

Universalhaken ZP-1043

Urine bottle basket ZK-940/3

Urine bottle basket ZP-1040

Urine bottle basket ZK-1040/2

Wall protector wheels

Wall buffer, short


Accessories shown here are adjusted to the current Volker healthcare beds. Accessories for older models are available on request. Subject to technical changes.

To enable you to find suitable accessories for the various models and versions of Volker healthcare beds at a glance, you can download the complete brochure from the PDF Archive providing convenient charts.

Click here to download the brochure.