Volker was founded in 1912. Originally a cabinet maker, Volker has developed into an industrial furniture production company which about 35 years ago started specializing more and more in the production of healthcare furniture under the guiding principle - products for the well-being of people, and - the best products for the well-being of people.

In order to achieve these targets, Völker GmbH mainly focuses on two technical products: healthcare beds and hospital beds. Both are available as electric motor driven versions only. And all the experience gained within 35 years of producing healthcare furniture has been integrated into both products, that is the knowledge of people, the knowledge of those working with them and the knowledge of the needs of people using them.

Recognition of our work and extremely positive resonance met with our customers makes up the success of the Völker GmbH. The fact that these customers are meanwhile not only in Germany, but all over Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Far East, confirms Volker's endeavour to set a standard by producing better products.