In 1986, we integrated full-length side rails developed by Heinrich Volker. In 1991, we added electrically powered, infinite telescopic height adjustment with push-button operation. Always evolving, today's 2080 S included developments in line with current technical advancements.

Volker 2080 nursing bed

From a healthcare point of view, using side rails can be appropriate when people desire protection, when they overestimate their physical capabilities or when they get out of bed in a confused state.

Healthcare beds with full-length side rails, such as the Volker 2080, are appropriate when therapeutically beneficial, when they offer protection, and when user's written consent or a prescription has been obtained in advance.

Volker 2080 healthcare beds are available in the models S, C, FS and MA.

Full Length Side Rails

Full length side rails slide up an down in runners positioned in the head and footboards and span the entire length of the bed.

When not in use the rails can be lowered below the level of the mattress to ensure they do not hinder the user transferring into and out of bed.

Side Rail Height Extensions

Some pressure-relieving mattresses and mattress overlays reduce the distance between the top of mattress to the top of the side rail below a the safe minimum height as defined in BS EN 1970:2000 ‘Adjustable Beds for Disabled Persons’.

Volker 2080 & S280 nursing beds offer side rail height extensions as optional extras.

Protective Padding

Protective padding can be used on each type of side rail configuration and can provide protection with users from any type of involuntary movement. The padding is soft to the touch, durable and easy to clean, and is available as a Volker accessory.

Padding on full length side rails can be left on permanently even when the rails are raised and lowered.