For people who know the demands for resting and sleeping, the ideal shape of a bed always consists of a height-adjustable undercarriage, a lying surface that can be individually positioned and - depending on the individual preferences - a headboard and a footboard.

Volker 3080 nursing bed

The Volker 3080 healthcare bed, equipped with all necessary features, is the perfect bed in its simplest - and perpaps, most beautiful - form.

Volker 3080 healthcare beds are available in the models C, DMA, DMHH, FS, K, MA, MB, ME, S, & ST.

Two part, split (non-restraining) Side Rails

Four independent side rails that move in line with the profile of the lying surface.

The major benefits with this arrangement is that users are still protected from falling from the bed, even when in a sitting position. The rails can also be used to aid the user to a standing position, especially when used in conjunction with the height adjustment feature. When not in use the side rails fold neatly and discreetly away below the lying surface.

Two part side rails can be found on Volker 3080, 5380 & S380 adjustable beds.

2 Part Side Rail Spacers / Infills

Infills to fill the space between the split side rails are available as options for beds including Volker 3080, 3080K, 5380 and S380 Healthcare Beds.

Accessories supplied by Volker are attached to the beds simply by dropping them into or hanging them from integrated sockets, holders or rails. All Volker accessories are designed to exactly the same high quality standards demanded from all of our beds.