– Not available
Special version/equipment
* Weight of standard version

Model 3080 DMHH
Headboard and footboard version Solid wood
Solid wood, stained or natural beech
Custom finish
Weight in kg* 200
Overall size - cm (width x length)  
lying surface 100 x 200 cm 210 x 206
Height adjustment  
35-70 cm
Pressure reduction  
MiS® Micro-Stimulations-System
Water resistance  
Optional equipment  
Deluxe hand control unit
Caregiver control box
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Two part, split (non-restraining) Side Rails

Four independent side rails that move in line with the profile of the lying surface.

The major benefits with this arrangement is that users are still protected from falling from the bed, even when in a sitting position. The rails can also be used to aid the user to a standing position, especially when used in conjunction with the height adjustment feature. When not in use the side rails fold neatly and discreetly away below the lying surface.

Two part side rails can be found on Volker 3080, 5380 & S380 adjustable beds.

The Comfort Armchair Position

Using a combination of the height adjustment, (anti-trendelenberg) and profiling positions, Volker beds can be maneuvered into the 'Comfort' or 'Chair' position.

This position is ideal for those wishing to eat, read or watch television whilst in the bed.

The bed can be profiled so that going to bed early to read or watch TV may be acheived independently.