Volker S 280 & S 380 nursing beds are suitable for hospices and private hospitals requiring professional nursing beds for use within multi-occupancy environments where patient transportation is a requirement.

While these Volker beds convey a homelike feeling, the undercarriage satisfies all the demands placed upon high-performance hospital beds: efficient, effortless maneuverability over longer distances and ready-to-go mobility in every position.

. Volker S280 nursing bed for sub-acute care

Our beds feature telescopic height adjustment with sealed components that allow for infinite lying surface positioning.

Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg positioning can be selected via the caregiver control console (optional).

Volker S 280 healthcare beds come with full-length side rails, Volker S 380 healthcare beds come with split two-part assist rails.

Effortless Maneuverability

Volker sub-acute care beds are equipped with a four-caster central braking system. The casters can be locked for extreme stability or released for transport via a foot-operated brake bar. Straight-ahead tracking (locking a head-end or foot-end caster lengthwise) is also set via the brake bar. All-metal casters with a diameter of 125 mm and enclosed permanently lubricated bearings contribute to its excellent maneuverability.

Hospital Bed Undercarriage

All Völker hospital bed technical components are housed in sealed units. This means less maintenance and fewer repairs - keeping the need for reserve beds to an absolute minimum. These savings on investment costs are complemented by lower operating and add-on costs during the bed's service life on account of fewer subassemblies, watertight motors, moisture-resistant components, low maintenance with faster turnaround and a minimal need for repair.

Side Rail Height Extensions

Some pressure-relieving mattresses and mattress overlays reduce the distance between the top of mattress to the top of the side rail below a the safe minimum height as defined in BS EN 1970:2000 ‘Adjustable Beds for Disabled Persons’.

Volker 2080 & S280 nursing beds offer side rail height extensions as optional extras.