It is for these residents that the Volker 5380 healthcare bed has been designed. By combining Volker’s existing lying surface and frame with a new ultra low-height undercarriage we have created a bed that has all the benefits of our existing beds, plus a very low lying surface height of 9 in. (23 cm). Combined with a low profile mattress, a very low top of mattress height can be achieved.

Volker 3080 nursing bed

The unique hide-away design of Volker’s assist rails (that do not hang down on the side of the bed) means that we can offer a complete assist rail system, even on a very low bed. This is done in an integrated way, so that Volker beds do not look like they have had assist rails added after the fact. As a result, the resident and staff can take advantage of the most advanced assist rail system available, or simply store the assist rails in their hide-away position so no one knows they are there.

Volker 5380 healthcare beds are available in the models MA in addition to acute-care hospital styles.

Two part, split (non-restraining) Side Rails

Four independent side rails that move in line with the profile of the lying surface.

The major benefits with this arrangement is that users are still protected from falling from the bed, even when in a sitting position. The rails can also be used to aid the user to a standing position, especially when used in conjunction with the height adjustment feature. When not in use the side rails fold neatly and discreetly away below the lying surface.

Two part side rails can be found on Volker 3080, 5380 & S380 adjustable beds.

Bed Transfers with the 5380 Low Bed

A complete system of head and foot section assist rails allows the resident to use both hands to get into or out of bed (see below figure). Of course these assist rails can be used individually, telescoped to a lower position or hidden away under the lying surface as needed.

Volker 5380