Not all residents who cannot or don’t want to leave their bed are totally immobile. Often it is physical complaints that hinder them, sometimes it’s just mental reservations they have even if there is a nurse giving assistance and a flexible assist rail system, an individually adjustable lying surface and a stable height adjustment. It is in these cases that mobilisation is required. After all, compensatory care means ever more immobility.

vis-a-vis illustration

We have asked ourselves what would happen if we were to forwardly mobilise residents out of their bed? If they could place their feet firmly on the ground. If a bed really could contribute to an activation of immobile residents, from lying down to sitting up to getting up to, finally, walking. Step by step with a thoroughly ergonomic aid that is comfortable for all. What conditions would have to be met in terms of design?

If you look at our illustration above you see the result of our ideas. A bed whose lower-leg part can be shifted to the side and thus allows the patient to assume a sitting position. We called this bed 'Vis-a-Vis' because nursing and communication takes place at eye level and it allows patients' participation in daily routines.

Volker 3080 nursing bed

Depending upon resources and the residents’ self-care capacities, mobilisation can then well turn into activation, with the objective of more participation in an active life.

new product of the year award

Lying, sitting, standing, walking.

Volker Vis-a-Vis healthcare beds are available in the models MA in addition to acute-care hospital styles.

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Drive Motors developed in conjunction with Porsche Engineering

The two-sided drive motor which repositions the lying surface of the Vis-a-Vis, had to be of a very short design. New Volker drives were developed in conjunction with Porsche Engineering, which now also drive the beds’ height adjustment and are safely controlled by a LIN bus system.

See the Vis-a-Vis during summer!

Special roadshowss are being held throughout the summer giving clients the chance to assess the product in trhe presence of noted moving and handling specialists.